Maibock – 12/23/2013

Grain bill:

  • 5.5 lb Vienna (GR410)
  • 5.5lb Pilsner (GR310)
  • 1lb German Munich (GR400)
  • 1lb Caramalt (10degL) {substituted for 1lb Cara Hell}


  • 1 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh (4.3% AA) & 1 oz Tettnanger (4.6% AA){ boil for 60 min}
  • 1 oz German Hersbrucker (2.3% AA, 8.8% Beta) {boil for 15 min}

17 qt Strike Water, heated to 165F.  Put grain in and mash @ 150-155F.

Sparged @ 170F.

Pitched yeast @ ~85F.

Original gravity:  1.060/15%




Evacutinus – Dark Weizenbock

Today (12/15/13), we’re going to try a recipe from “Secrets From the Master Brewers”:  Evacutinus.

Evacutinus is styled after Schneider’s Aventinus, a Dark Weizenbock.


  • 7 pounds 2-row pale malt (Morebeer GR300)
  • 9.25 pounds wheat malt (GR390)
  • 0.5 pounds crystal malt – 60L (GR560).  Recipe called for 80L
  • 1.25 pounds munich malt (GR400)
  • 0.7 pounds carafoam malt (GR451).  Recipe called for 11L caramalt
  • 0.5 pounds carafa special malt 2  (GR691) .  Recipe called for carafa or other dark crystal malt
  • 1.25oz German Northern Brewer hops (60min)
  • 1.25oz German Northern Brewer hops (steep for 10min)
  • Belgian Trappist Yeast (White Labs WLP500)


  • Mash grains for 60-90 min (6gal H2O) at 152-155F.  Sparge and collect wort.
  • 60min boil w/ 1.25oz German Northern Brewer hops
  • Turn off heat, steep for 10min w/ 1.25oz German Northern Brewer Hops


This time, I put the grain in when I heated the water up to 155F but it scorched a bit on the bottom.  Next time, I’ll just heat the water up to temperature, pour it into the mash tun, and then add the grains.

After primary fermentation, the beer tasted a bit on the hoppy side, but after secondary fermentation, it mellowed out and tastes quite like Aventinus.

Initial gravity reading 1.055/14.0 @ 75-80F (adjusted to 1.057 IG).

Transferred to keg:  1/1/2014.  Final gravity reading 1.016/4.5 @ 60F